• steve jobs f
    Life Story of Steve Jobs In One Simple Infographic
    Posted in: Inspire

    Steve Jobs has probably been one of the most famous men of our times. The legendary CEO of Apple, who changed the face of computing and mobile handsets with products like iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhones, had a very eventful life. Much has been said and speculated about various incidents in his life. This infographic […]

  • goat f
    Goats Gone Wild!
    Posted in: Entertain

    If you thought goats just bleat some random nonsense like “Neahhhh” or “Meahhh” or something like that, you are in for a surprise. This 2 minute video is full of goats yelling just like humans! Turn up the volume, and enjoy! Did you enjoy the video? Don’t forget to share with your friends – Hit […]

  • invent f
    20 Weird And Awesome Inventions
    Posted in: Entertain, Inspire

    It is a strange strange world out there, and with ever varied tastes, the difference between ingenious and weird can get difficult to spot. What sounds like a great idea in your head might look extremely strange to someone else. But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I bring you some […]

  • amul f
    20 Of The Best Amul Ads Over The Years – Utterly Butterly Delicious!
    Posted in: Entertain

    It is highly doubtful that there is someone reading this who has never seen an Amul ad, which are famous for poking fun at national events and personalities. Often adorned by the Amul Girl who appears in a polka dotted frock, the iconic Amul advertisements have stayed contemporary and yet continued one theme of identifying […]

  • Rahman Malik
    Lesson We Indians Should Learn From Pakistani Public – VIP Shooed Away
    Posted in: Think

    “We’ve taken it for 68 years, we’ll not take it anymore” This one statement aptly depicts the mood of around 250 flight passengers seething with anger at having been kept waiting for over two hours for the VIP passenger – Rahman Malik. This video recorded by one of the passenger went viral on YouTube. Irony is Youtube is […]

  • radio love
    7 Cute Ways To Say I Love You (Without Actually Saying)
    Posted in: Think

    Are you looking for some cute ways to say I love you? Maybe you’re trying to find something adorable to do for your gal to surprise and make her smile? If so, here’s the must-have list of 8 cute ways to say, “I love you” without actually saying it. #1 STICK A POST-IT ON HER […]

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